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The use of natural and artificial underground cavities as illegal garbage storages is an unfortunately common occurrence. The damages to the carsic enviroment and to deep water resources are enormous. "Clean up the darkness" - an initiative of the Italian Speleologic Society, now at the ten year - aims to take a light into the darkness and to point out in detail the situations presenting risks, and  to indicate possible solutions.

By now the initiative co-operates with "Clean up the world". It has the purpose of cleaning up, at least partially, the illegal underground garbage storages; in any case, to document them, to estimate their degree of danger and to indicate the possible remedies to the public opinion and to the local administrations.

The "Census of the cavities presenting enviromental risks" is the fundamental purpose of Clean up the dark and intends to give a solid working base for all who are willing to co-operate to the protection of the enviroment and of water resources, to reduce the garbage, to exploit the natural habitats and to contrast illegal garbage storages.


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